How to Simply Reduce Daily Stress and Create the Life That You Want

Let’s talk about a very powerful and useful tip that may help you reduce your daily stressors and live much better restoring your inner peace and the harmony with all around you. After the planetary shift in 2012 we live in a new environment and we have to change ourselves in order to be attuned to this new stage of the human evolution.

We live in different conditions now creating and manifesting our thoughts and emotions much faster than before. Time goes in different parameters now, so both time and energy management are the things we have to master, if we want to have more opportunities for relaxation and recreation. We are life masters and no matter whether we are aware of this process or not, life always gives us challenges that we have to deal with in order to transform ourselves and to grow.

After 2012 I had increasing challenges to deal with hour by hour and day by day. I also passed through a deep cleaning process and my physical body looks much different than before. My thoughts and emotions are more positive now than they used to be before. And I really understood what real mastery is, because my thoughts and emotions began to manifest in my new surroundings in a shorter time.

I completed many trainings to finally find out that being aligned with the new planetary conditions helped me be not only on track but also manifest faster and easier all the things I want to create in my world here now. I understood from my own experience that if I continued to vibrate on the frequency of fear, then fear would expand exponentially in my new world and would become my new reality. So I decided to make conscious efforts to maintain the vibration of love, appreciation and gratitude, because this is the only way to manifest these qualities in my outer reality. I suggest you now to implement this little technique in order to be attuned to the new world. It worked for me and I hope it can serve you too.

1. Create the big picture of the new life you want to have. Imagine there is a blank piece of paper in front of you and you start to paint on it the whole picture of your new life.

2. Do not play small. Just imagine everything you want to have in your new life. Think big and paint it in details, see it as real in your imagination, try to sense it and experience it further: smell it, hear it, touch it and enjoy it.

3. Take at least 10 min a day to mentally repeat this painting and visualization for at least 21 days. Observe and be aware of the changes that will enter your reality.

I hope this technique will help you create your desired life on a mental and emotional level beginning to successfully manifest it here now. I did it for myself and as a result I decided to start writing and sharing my experience with the world. So, I try to listen very carefully now to my intuition and follow very precisely my inner guidance step by step and day by day, especially after 2012. I can assure you that the effects from this are really amazing!

Right now it is the time for you to decide that you want to change yourself and your life to better being fully and truly attuned to the new planetary and cosmic conditions. Visualize your new life as it is real here now, taste it, sense it, enjoy it and try to preserve this experience and maintain its frequency. Be sure that in this way you will become like a magnet for it and will come truly very soon and in most brilliant ways. Only be grateful both for the blessings and the challenges you have to deal with, so that you could be on the flow and one with the flow. Remember that you have to be persistent and committed to accept and do what is needed, surrendering to all that is, accepting, rejoicing, receiving and giving freely and fluently in order to resonate with the quantum shift of the human evolution.

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