How to Experience Abundance on a Daily Basis in order to Reduce your Daily Stress

Let’s talks about abundance and how by experiencing it regularly you will feel more centered and balanced within yourself and being in alignment with your true essence, you will reduce your daily stress and will live the life of your dreams.

What is abundance? It can de defined in many ways depending on what one is searching for in life. For some women abundance equals to security in life, for others it means more money or better health, or a romantic relationship with the beloved one or a desired job, career development or just being able to enjoy life, do what you like and have fun with family and closest friends.

As to me, abundance is not only related to material things. In fact, it is the feeling of being comfortable in your own skin and of being in alignment with your true essence so that you can feel rich and wealthy deep inside yourself which will attract abundance from outside too and you will live a life of prosperity without bothering how to handle all things that come along your way.

Having a positive attitude to life is another way to experience abundance throughout your journey on Earth because this proper attitude is the trigger mechanism that brings you all needed in perfect synchronicity and timing.

Feeling abundant means to be true to your core essence and to understand who you really are because each and every body cell, each and every part of your being vibrates on the frequency of love – unconditional, selfless, boundless, eternal, infinite, Divine Love – you can name it as you wish. However, when you are filled with love, when you feel good deep inside yourself, you operate from that state of higher frequency and thus you attract the like creating your wonderful life that helps you unfold your full potential and enjoy the journey which we all share together here, on the planet Earth.

Look at Nature! Do you see there a lack of something? So, by what reason may you think there is a lack or shortage of something in you and in your life? We are born with our specific soul signature, with our unique qualities and talents and by manifesting them we can contribute to a better world and can maintain an abundant lifestyle. The only lack of something could lay only in our minds and hearts or in our limiting belief systems and distorted feelings that withhold us from achieving better results in life.

Moreover, abundance could be difficult to be experienced when life triggers us to learn certain lessons, to make changes and move ahead going on the next level of the spiral of life. Therefore, it will be beneficial for us to introduce abundance into our everyday life through practicing the process of self-love and inner peace, accepting all that is with gratitude and being comfortable with the things we have created in our surroundings.

After many years of struggles I have found for myself the most important tip that helps me be fully present and feel abundance with each cell of my body and each part of my being. I finally came to the truth and recognized that there is only One Source of all life but you can receive what you want from life through many channels. Then, the questions “how” and “when” are not to be asked, because everything happens in compliance with the Universal plan and the Cosmic Law and we are all interconnected, so things and people come into your life according to the Divine Timing and not according your personal wish, if it is not aligned to the Divine Will. So, people and circumstances enter your journey when you are ready to receive them and you operate from the state of awakened consciousness when you know and experience how the miracle called “Universe” works.

When you understand that simple truth of Oneness expressed in diversity through all living beings and entities, through many existing channels of Divine connection through which you can create the abundant life you will be ready to achieve because you have already mastered the ability to see the bigger picture of the world and you have taken your unique place in the puzzle that is called life. Try to practice this process of experiencing abundance for at least 30 days and be grateful for the new blessings that will enter your reality. Stay open-minded and observe the new results because when you see and appreciate them, more and more of them will anchor in your new world.

Right now is the time for you to practice abundance on a daily basis by attuning yourself to the universal channels because we are living in a new dimensional reality now and we are encountering brand new energetic conditions in which we create things at a glimpse of an eye.

Life itself is your source, remember that and try to implement it on a daily basis in order to become a human being not a human doing and to see new golden opportunities coming “out of the blue” for you.

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