One Simple Thing to Do in order to Reduce the Daily Stress

Let’s talk about water and how it can reduce our daily stress – because by taking care of our physical body and keeping it hydrated and in good condition, we can better handle all stressful situations.

Studies have shown that we are made mainly of water and our body cells consist of nearly 70-80 percent water depending on our age. Water is most important for our survival and without it we are dead. Water nourishes our body cells and helps the cell processes flow, cleaning the body toxins and helping us be alive. Water is a vital substance that keeps us alive and we all know that it is really healthy to take a plenty of water throughout the day.

The famous Bulgarian Teacher Petar Danov recommended using hot boiled water to heal the body because hot water has higher vibrations than cold one. Following this sequence it is beneficial for you to master the habit of drinking at least one glass (200 ml) of hot boiled water in the morning 30 min before breakfast and do this on a daily basis in order to be healthy, increase your vibrations and live the journey of your dreams.

As a fitness instructor, in my classes I usually recommend drinking a lot of water, but preferably iced water on a daily basis – especially when I work with women, because water will help them create their desired body shape as it has a significant role in creating and building the female body.

According to the book “Body for Life” by Bill Phillips drinking a glass of iced water helps a lot in maintaining your physical shape and building you muscle tissues. As to me, I usually drink “structured” water on a daily basis. I structure it myself in different ways: with a gemstone, using light, color, symbol or just by setting up my intention for having a certain quality in life, for example, health and harmony, when I want to heal myself, or renewal and acceptance, when I want to give chance to something new to enter my surroundings.

On the other hand, we know that water represents our emotional body and is also associated with the abundance in life, so according to many studies the heating of water to evaporation helps cleansing and purifying it from much of the unwanted stuff so that you can free some space for the new energy to flow into your life.

We tend to usually “dissolve” in hot water all things that limit us and then according to these same studies we can imagine the end result that looks like simple “cold sensations” that come with the new operating state we put ourselves in.

After many years of trainings and struggles I highly recommend people to use heat, cold, cooling or other ways to structure their water with something new they would like to implement in their lives because water is the basic supplement that helps you make changes through being charged with different qualities that will enter and transform your being in very powerful and unique ways.

As to the benefits of drinking hot boiled water on a daily basis I can assure you that in this way you will easier get rid of all wastes in your body which will provide a fresh start for your day and will also bring a higher vibratory frequency that will heal your emotions and will help you be present here now.

I really recommend you to follow this simple practice on a daily basis in order to reduce your stressors in a powerful and unique way. Try doing it for at least 30 days to see how your life will change. Right now is the time for you to start drinking hot boiled water on a daily basis in order to improve your health and bring the entire mind-body-spirit connection and set into a perfect balance.

Wish you success!



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