How to Release the Daily Stress Easily

Let’s talk about how by using simple tips and methods you can reduce the daily stress and live a happy and abundant life.

We all know that things which we perform best in life are the simplest ones and the main reason that we are here now is to live at our full potential. We also know that happiness and abundance are our birthright but we often tend to complicate our journey by seeking only the good or bad in the things that happen to us.

Trying to be perfect all my life and seeking mastery and excellence in everything I did and in everyone I met has put me on a stage where everything becomes quite complicated, challenging and frustrating. I couldn’t even realize what was happening to me and why; and the more I tried to fix things, the more they went out of my control. The key for me was to sit down and attune to my inner wisdom in order to resolve this by myself. So, after many years of struggles with what was going out of my control I had to figure out the gateway through which to get out from all mass I have created in my surroundings.

Someone sometime has told me the statement that the process of transformation would start with a single baby step. I have had applied many systems and techniques of personal development and growth, but it was time for me to set up the stage for something new and more powerful to enter my life journey in a simple but efficient way. And how did I allow it to manifest?

I sat down in a chair to calm my mind and attune to my inner guidance in order to see what was coming next to me in my life path. By taking a few deep breaths I connected myself to the big energy information field we all share on planet Earth in order to see what kind of information would be relevant for me at the present moment of life. The answer came in 5 min: I saw a written statement in front of my third eye that stated “Go clean the mass you have made on your computer desk and clean the keyboard from all notes below”.

I knew that I had to read again some chapters of the book “You Can Heal Your Life” by the great spiritual teacher Louise Hay and the paragraphs that state you have to free some space and get rid of the clutter in a physical way by cleaning all things that no longer serve you so that something new and powerful can enter your reality. I cleaned all notes kept below my keyboard and the mass I have created during the holyday season on my computer desk for 30 min. In fact, I reread each and every one of them and put some of them in a folder, so that I could use them later, when I need.

I also remembered the time when I attended my first seminar based on Louise Hay’s Method how grateful I was because by using the physical act to clean some space at home I had released a lot of my addictions to clothes and especially to silver jewelry and now the time had come to release and let them go with a smile and inner confidence that everything was well-balanced in life and the way I gave was correlated to the way I received from life.

I did receive many new things and in fact I was satisfied that my friends were happy with (and are still wearing) the things I gave them when using the Hay’s Method. What is “the secret key” to simplify your life and reduce your daily stress in an easy and effective way? The key to life simplification is to feel good when you want to clean the stuff that no longer serves you.

Remember, I told you that I had put some of my clutter notes in a folder because I was not ready yet to get rid of them. The way I treated my notes is the same as the way you need to handle with your old clothes, jewelry, books and everything that you do not use without regret and sorrow. It is better to leave some of the “clutter things” at home or at the office and get rid only of things you are willing to give away for free because if these things are not “charged” with your love and gratitude /because they have already served you in a long or short run/ and you are not confident to gift them to friends/or even strangers/ you cannot benefit from the process of releasing them and allowing the Universe to take care of you and facilitate you in receiving what you truly need now and what is for your highest good. Try to do this at least twice yearly or each time you feel ready to release and let go of something that no longer serves you because this is the way to follow in order to balance the giving and receiving set.

Remember that the core element while doing the cleansing process is to feel love and gratitude because the way you give is interconnected to the way you will receive. Giving with an open heart will bring you in return more gifts and blessings than you can imagine and will make your heart sing and your life blossom.

Wish you success!

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