Finger Tapping on the Top of the Head as a Stress-reducing Aid

Let’s talk about one simple and easy aid to reduce stress and balance all your energies quickly and efficiently. Its regular application will help you to become more centered and in full alignment with your perfection here now. We live in a big informational energy field and everything around us is energy. It does not matter whether we believe in this or not, but there are many case studies that showing that we live in a vibrational universe and everything vibrates in its own frequency.

Our human bodies are unique and intelligent our cells have a determined frequency in every moment of our life. Through the top of our head we make the connection between the cosmic space and Mother Earth, so this it is our gate to the higher realms providing us with more spirituality and communion with the entire world not to feel separated from it, but as an integral part of it.

Our hair acts as small, but sensitive antennas for the space and its signals transferring information from the big universal field we live in. When you feel out of balance and see that the things in your life go in the wrong direction, you can simply massage your forehead and tap with your fingers on the fontanels on your head, because this is an easy and quick way to get rid of all distractions and stress triggers and become calm and self-possessed again.

When I started my personal development journey many years ago, I used to make tapping on the crown of my head as an emergency aid to be back on the life flow here now. I still use this technique when I feel distracted lost and stressed. It is very simple but it gives great results. So, how can you do this to reduce stress and to become more centered and balanced?

Every time you feel you are losing your temper because of a situation, person or because you feel like a victim of life, you can gently tap with all your fingers on the top of your head and say mentally, “Cancel, cancel, cancel” for breaking and clearing the behavior pattern that makes you act in such a way.

Right now you can start to use this technique every time when you feel life treats you not the way you desire. Remember that every thought works as an affirmation and it programs you for success or failure, for better or worse, so it brings you up or down on the universal vibrational scale. And you can simply change this just by tapping on the top of your head, because in this way you change your habitual pattern of reaction and you bring into balance all your energies which will in turn result in a better health and more fun in life. Try to do this tip every time you feel confused, worried, exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed and observe how your life will improve day by day and moment by moment.

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