Forgiveness as a Foundation of the Art of Living

Let’s talk about forgiveness. Forgiveness is not an easy process but when you master it your life will change tremendously. Understanding forgiveness helps every woman to stay balanced and self-controlled no matter how life treats her in various situations and how many stress triggers she has to deal with. Forgiveness is a life essential because as longer or shorter process it helps us stay alive. Sometimes we cannot forgive because we follow our childhood patterns and feel uncomfortable to express our emotions, be it positive or negative. We are brought up with the rule that showing emotions instead of logical mind is ridiculous and foolish.

We usually follow the modern society rules and patterns of behavior that teach us to think with the head not with the heart. So we believe that our logical mind is the king of all our activities and governs our life. But I can assure you from my own experience and professional practice that this approach to life is not the beneficial one as it brings us tremendous stress and drains our energy away.

I know it maybe striking as we blame ourselves for almost everything in our life, but if you make just minor efforts and begin to apply using forgiveness as an aid for improving your day and way, you will advance all areas of your life and will have a better and happier being. After years of passing different kinds of trainings and seminars, I found out that it was very practical and productive to ask for forgiveness in stressful situations and from people who were giving you hard lessons.

I’d like to give you my favorite practice for dealing with the challenging things in life. When you are in a difficult situation or relationship you can take a few deep breaths to calm down your nervous system first. Then straighten up your shoulders and pull your belly to the spine. Your posture becomes better this way and you open the energy channels in your physical body. The deep breathing along with good posture will transform your inner energies and you become more balanced and centered.

If you can stop and stay still for a moment or two, try to and mentally forgive yourself for being involved in such unpleasant situations, no matter how long it has been. Thus you become an observer, not an actor, so you can see the entire picture from outside, moreover, you can even discover what is beneath the surface that really triggers you to behave in such way. Being an observer helps you stay on the flow and gradually it will result in a more abundant and joyful life.

You have already been given all you want from life. The question is whether you can realize it or not. If you do not make conscious efforts towards successful manifestations, life will continue to treat you in the same manner as before and you will attract more and more stressful situations and people, because that is the universal law of vibration that states that like attracts like. Where your attention goes, your energy flows, never mind whether you realize it or not.

I invite you to start practicing the art of forgiveness right now. There is no time to waste, if you want a more fulfilled life. Begin to master giving forgiveness every day for at least a week and see how your life will improve and revive. I will be very grateful if you share herewith your experiences and the results from practicing forgiveness. Be loving, forgiving and kind to yourselves, to your beloved and to all around you. Then life will really begin to smile at you and gift you with chance.

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