Self-compassion as a Remedy for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about self-compassion as a very efficient way to manage daily stress. Mastering compassion and love to yourself brings joy and health throughout every woman’s life journey. When you start treating yourself with respect and honor you become more powerful, your energy is raised and you attract more beneficial situations and influential people into your life.

If you have compassion and love to yourself, you will have compassion and love to others too. When you start treating yourself with compassion and love, you will become like a magnet for more positive things, which will get to emerge in your life and you will attract the people and circumstances you need into your surroundings especially people who think and act like you and who really understand the meaning of the word “human” which is associated with these three main qualities:

  • mortal;
  • vulnerable; and
  • imperfect.

Every human being is unique, so different things work for different women, but we all have in common these three above mentioned characteristics. As women we seek perfection in our life and we struggle years and years with this issue. In our modern world women have professional carriers as men but because of their nature and high level of sensitivity they encounter more life stressors on a daily basis than men. We are all on a life journey and our greatest fear is to die and to abandon life in our physical body. I really know what I am talking about because I am not an exception from this and I have struggled with these common issues too.

Most of my life journey I have been seeking for perfection.  I was vulnerable and loaded with so many fears and frustrations about how life “should be“. As every human being thoughts about my mortality make me stressed and I still have some worries in this direction. But what I have found out after many years on the path of personal growth is  that life never serves  you something you cannot manage  and that the universal principles work no matter if we believe in them or not.

After the planetary shift I receive guidance from my Higher Self almost every day. I have many challenges on a daily basis: for example, I was ill almost all the time after the shift. One day, when I was at home laying in my bed, I got aware there was a clearing process on a deep physical level, because we all need to change and enter a new stage of the human evolution. Then I was given a word or a sign from my inner guidance almost every day and the last one was “self-compassion”. I reacted very strongly against  it and my first thought was that I was  enough compassionate to myself,  as I honored and respected all my energies and  worked on a daily basis for my personal development and growth.

I had a sign just at the beginning of 2013 and I knew everything would be Ok with me, my family and humankind in this new upcoming world. Then I suddenly realized that all my diseases and health problems were   just the forerunners leading to my next great personal transformation and there was something big and new waiting for me at the corner. I could not see the whole picture well, but because of my reaction I thought that according to  the mirror theory  there was something in me I had to change in order  to accept the next challenge of life  and   contribute for a better world.

So, how can we master self-compassion on a daily basis and have more peace in life? I suggest you to reflect on  the mirror theory and remember that every person and  situation in your life serves as a  mirror for you , because it shows you what  you have deep inside yourself on a subconscious level, which you have to clean and   work out,  if you want to be happier and live a better life.

1. When a person or a situation brings you stress and you feel you are loosing your temper ask yourself mentally “What is the number one reason that makes me react in such way?”

2. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the breathing process for a minute or two.

3. Stay calm and listen to the answer of your inner guidance – remember there is always an answer but   sometimes it could be surprising for you.

4. Trust and train yourself to hear this little voice within you.

5. Make conscious efforts to understand and implement this answer in order to solve your problem.

Right now it is the time for you to act because we live in new surroundings and things happen faster than before. Remember not to judge, criticize or seek for approval – just implement your inner guidance toward being a better you. Do this every time you feel a person or a situation makes you feel stressed and overwhelmed and be open-minded about the new that will enter your life.

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