Practicing Happiness as a Remedy for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about how practicing happiness in life reduces stress on a daily basis. Through the process of Happiness you can be healthy and fit. You will have more opportunities to meet positive people and work with partners, so that you can live in abundance, peace and joy.

Happiness is a state of well-being and joy. It helps you be present here now and follow the life flow. We are all seeking perfection, but in life nothing is as we think it should be. However perfection is the high ideal which we should have in consideration in order to advance step by step, being aware that the way to it is infinite as life is. It is a very good decision to learn and practice the process of Happiness all day long.

No matter what is going on around, whether you succeed or experience stress and struggles, try to master happiness throughout your day. Things are usually not as you suppose to be, so if you focus on them, you will become a master of being unhappy. But if you want to be your own life-manager just start to manage your life journey day by day, hour by hour being happy here now from what you have and experience inside you. Start with appreciation, joy and gratitude for something small and practice this until you master this state, so that it is imprinted on a cellular level.

I did struggle with that issue of being unhappy and unsatisfied by myself most of the time in my life, but finally I found out that the key to be happy is simply to enjoy and appreciate the process of being throughout your life journey. At some point in our lives we say something like this “If I had more money, a better health and excellent relationships I would be much happier.” And there is always something missing or insufficient so that we could be happy here at the present moment.

We are always delaying our happiness until something happens or changes in our life missing the precious present moment which is only real for us as the past is gone and the future has not come. The real mastery is to enjoy the process of being moment by moment throughout your life journey not just waiting for the next or final result.

So how can we become masters of happiness in our lives?

1. I suggest you to set up your intent for this and observe yourself throughout a single day so as to see what problems you have in the process of mastering happiness in your life. Remember that happiness is a process as much as an outcome and time is needed to be consciously done.

2. To simplify the process just write down on a peace of paper the word “happiness” and look at it every time you feel exhausted or out of control.

3. You can also mentally repeat the word “happiness” as a mantra throughout the day.

Choose the  tip that most resonates with you  and practice it for at least 21 days to see what new things will enter your life. Right now it is the time for you to act and manifest happiness in your own reality. Remember, it is for your highest good to practice being happy no matter what is going on in your life and around you, because when you are a happiness master  everything will change to better and you will be finally satisfied with yourself and fulfilled in life.

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