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Yellow Energy Practices for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about the meaning of the yellow color. Yellow is the color of the third chakra located in the middle of the chest, below the ribs. It is also known as the Solar Plexus. “Am I good enough?” is the predominant yellow question that you may ask yourself.  My answer to it is very […]

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The Orange Energy Practice for Stress Relief

Let’s talk next about the meaning of orange color. Orange energy is joyful and creative. It is the energy of quite easy-going, health, success, encouragement, change happiness, freedom and sexuality. Orange represents the wellness guru who makes compassion, passion and warmth come true. This is the energy of increased socialization and stimulated mental activity. The […]

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The Red Energy Practice for Stress Relief

Let’s talk now about the meaning of red color. Red is a color of the root chakra located at the base of the spine. Life begins through this center. Red has a very strong energy that helps us stay alive. It is related to the connection with Mother Earth that gives us courage to belong […]

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