How Acceptance may Reduce your Daily Stress

For more than a month I have had problems to accept the challenges coming into my way.

My old world has gone but nevertheless it is still difficult for me to realize that no matter how aware I can be I am still learning how to apply the new energies and ideas in my life.

It is easy and joyful for me for me to make some little baby steps on the path of my life journey but then some health issues aroused along the way and make it all hard and unpleasant.

I have never drunk so many pills before, but at that time of stress and worries I   thought that if I wanted to go to work and do my job well I had to drink all these pills.

I had a terrible headache, my wisdom-tooth started cutting again and suddenly I had to take care of things I thought I had left behind my way especially when I started my path on personal development and growth.

It was really unusual for me to start using traditional medicine again instead of applying the energy medicine that had helped me many times in the past to cure my headache.

It was unbelievable for me /my ego suddenly popped up above the surface raising from the bottom upwards/ but I needed to confess that no matter how hard I was trying to remain on the track I needed these pills to regain my inner strength and be the person I was meant to be.

I had to realize that the more stress I felt on a daily basis, the more measures I needed to take in order to regain my inner wisdom and strength, if I really wanted to live a better and a happier life.

Not to mention that I am a teacher in the personal development field and now I thought that my ego had done its work a long time ago so as to protect me from real life and clear up all unwanted people and unsecure situations I needed to go through as a part of my life learning process.

As an addition to my health issues, there were also some unexpected changes and insecurity at work, which made me feel really imbalanced and extremely nervous for a long time. As a result, I was overwhelmed with all this hard stuff happening to me without warning and I had to take another working position that changed “in general and at 180 degree” my obligations as a civil servant and my working skills at the office.

So, as you have already understood there was a lot of transformation on an inner and outer plane that was going in my life for a month or so.

Though I am a very intuitive person, a Virgo sign, I have passed many courses and trainings to get more trust and confidence in my inner guidance by checking the answers given me by my intuition   several times and in several ways.

I am a big visionary too and I usually do my work through signs and colors which I see on the screen of my third eye, so last night I was given a very powerful visualization from the Unified Cosmic Field.

I saw myself as a fox. This is not the first time a fox was given to me as a symbol, guiding me to be more flexible and to adapt myself to all changes in my life.

According to the Celtic knowledge the fox represents leadership and possibility to find the way out of the dark forest.

So there was no doubt for me that I had to be like that red fox, who stayed in my inner vision for too long.

The next sign that was given to me was a well and on its surface there were some eggs that represent acceptance.

The eggs looked like the same, so the message for me was that no matter which way I would choose to go /even if I got fired and be unemployed for some time/ all ways would be the same. Each and every one of them would lead me to practicing acceptance.

However, it is still up to me to choose which egg to pick and which way to follow.

The question is: “AM I WILLING TO PICK AN EGG?| In other words, do I really want to ACCEPT all that is happening to me or I prefer just to stay in my “out of comfort zone”.

The energy surrounding the well with the eggs was blue-violet which according to my color readings means the energy which first goes and cures all negativity and then transforms the situation and all involved in it.

I have worked a lot with the Violet flame, so I know how powerful this energy is and how deep the connection between all of us as human beings is in our common journey on the planet Earth.

The problem for me is that as I was playing wrong with the energy of acceptance I could not figure out which egg to pick and which way to take. I felt depleted enough to be a good and smiling person who wanted to make things go in the right order, being the leader of the team and a co-worker who always knew what to do and how to do it no matter of the inner struggles and conflicts. But the stressful experiences in the last month changed my attitude and position а lot and though I knew that my place was not there and as a personal growth leader I should not serve this low vibrational energy any more, it was not easy for me to do it in practice.

I thought I had worked this out through the meditations and light work I have done for many years, but the reality was different now

I felt stuck with all my life as I knew that the last thing I wanted was having these health and job problems., Obviously I have to go through my work with these issues again and search for the reasons and the lessons to learn, so that I could clear them up by accepting them and getting consciously aware of the way out

Acceptance, acceptance, acceptance – this is the mantra that I say every day now. Accepting everything in life is the way I need to follow especially when I have to take my pills and use them throughout the day.

And now I challenge you to find a way to accept at least one area or one thing in life that makes you feel stressed, overwhelmed or even depressed and to observe how it would change when you try to accept it.

Acceptance does not mean surrender because the main universal law on our planet is the Law of Free Will, so if you surrender to the obstacles and conflicts along your way that would be your choice not to develop but live in stagnancy.

Try to practice acceptance for at least 21 days and see how your life will change.

Meanwhile, I promise you to write again and advise you about my own challenge with acceptance and my health issues and how the way of acceptance would resolve them.

Feel free to share your own story.

Wish you success.

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